October 25, 2014

Ready for Rep – An Actor’s Agony and Joy


Agents, How to Get One, How to Make the One You Have Work for You and How to Keep Agents Excited About You are some of the subjects I get asked most about.

The truth of the matter is the whole thing is very personal…

You want them to rep you effectively, but what does that really mean?  It means you basically want them to look at the breakdowns and have enough sense to get you in the “right” doors and not “every” door, just to say they “got you out”.

It sucks when you walk into an audition you and feel immediately that there isn’t a snowball chance in hell that you will walk away with that gig.  Why?  You have already defeated yourself before giving yourself a chance.  You are sitting there thinking how your agents have screwed up again – wasting your time and burning down yet another casting office bridge down.

The truth?  Casting may have requested you for the session and your agent has little if anything to do with that decision.  If you are in the wrong room with the wrong group of people you have your brand to blame.  Your brand is created and honed by who?  YOU!!!

Agents will pitch what they see and if what they see isn’t how you view yourself then some serious changes need to take place – mostly on your behalf.  Once that happens, the right agent will find their way to your camp and the booking, callbacks, and holds for work will commence.

So, when looking for an agent think more about  if the agency fits your brand – not if YOU fit in with the agency.  Remember you are the employer hiring a very crucial part of your team and you need to know that they won’t clock out early, call in sick or take an extended vacation with your career.

Ponder on that one until the next time…

Peace & Blessings

Carla Renata – The Branding Buddha


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